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Mentor Finance is a private equity investment company and a strategic investor, providing companies with capital investment and unique financial instruments to achieve growth and solve situations of distress.

We focus on companies throughout  Europe, the Middle East and USA

Mentor Finance provides private equity investment for companies in a variety of business sectors.

Our investment strategy targets companies that seek growth and expansion or wish to solve a situation of distress with a balanced strategy through financial investment and by structuring the company’s activity for medium and long-term results.

Acting and operating as a strategic investment partner, we assure the investment needed for the company but also optimize the company's structure.

This approach leads to a maximization of the business strategy, operational process, strategic options, profitability and financial durability, while assuring the growth of the company.

Mentor also serves companies throughout global locations - (USA, Asia and Africa) by providing strategic investment funding to those willing to access the CEE markets and extend their activities within this geographical area.

Mentor Finance represents the ideal balance between a professional private equity investment company and a strategic investor.
We have the knowhow required to assure the company’s growth through the needed investment process and liquidity.

In 2020, Mentor Finance was merged into Mentor Capital & Business Advisory and operates ​as the Private equity and investment division. 

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