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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
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ConnectEUkraine - European Development Funds for Ukraine is dedicated to fostering growth and progress in Ukraine through our expert financial support, in line with the values and principles of the European Union.

Starting with 2022 until the present day, Ukraine has received substantial bilateral financial, humanitarian, and military aid amounting to €165 billion.

As we stand today, the momentous opportunity lies before us to pivot our focus towards investing in Ukraine's resurgence and reconstruction, igniting a path toward a brighter tomorrow.

Join us in building a sustainable world for tomorrow, starting today.

As a leading provider of project financing solutions, we take pride in leveraging more than 20 billion euros of European state funds to empower ambitious and specially tailored initiatives across various sectors.
This achievement is a result of adhering to the highest standards of compliance and regulations in various countries that generously provide financial aid for the benefit of Ukraine and its people.

With a deep understanding of the legal frameworks in these countries, we ensure seamless and responsible financial operations, supporting both the public and private sectors in Ukraine with vital resources, including financing, European equipment, and know-how.

To explore project financing opportunities with ConnectEUkraine, interested parties are invited to submit their project proposals for review. Our team will carefully evaluate each proposal and initiate further discussions with eligible candidates.


At ConnectEUkraine, we strive to be a catalyst for Ukraine's progress, driving ambitious projects to successful fruition.

Join us in building a brighter future for Ukraine with EU financial support and expertise.

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