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Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) is a privately held, business management consultant and investment firm, operating worldwide with a major focus on international investments and business development. MCBA is a trusted advisor to many leading business institutions through its exceptional business approach.

When approaching a current business or a future development, we apply a holistic approach and provide immediate added value based on simple steps that bring targeted results.

We believe that every business can function better, increase profit rates and reach higher targets.

Through a multidisciplinary approach achieved by years of experience, we show each and every company- how to sell more, cut their operational expenses and benefit from business operational steps that can enlarge their business.

We work closely with our clients, advise them throughout the process and together we choose the steps and business direction while using our vast experience and business know-how.

MCBA offers both the advisory and the capital services necessary for every company that has an interest in growing or is facing a current distress.

We provide services for:

  • Local companies who wish to grow locally or open new markets.

  • Foreign companies who wish to enter safely the Romanian market keeping a low-risk approach.

  • CEO and founders who wish to consult and advise in person with a reliable advisor.

  • Startup entrepreneurs who wish to scale up their idea and become a global player.

  • Real estate investors and developers who need support in building feasible projects and raising funds.

  • Board of directors who are not satisfied with implemented project results and seek to get a third-party's objective advice to solve the problem.

  • Distressed companies taking the final measures to resolve their firm’s situation, willing to apply changes and see fast results.

  • International funds who seek to supervise locally their portfolio or local management by a reliable third party, acting as a local partner.


All the above scenarios (and many more) are cases we have tackled and resolved in the last 25 years of activity, 18 of which were spent in Romania.

Where do we operate?

MCBA has been operating in Central and Eastern Europe through private equity investments for the last 2 decades.

We carefully choose our projects, partners and clients. In some of the cases, we are also willing to share the risk with them, help them gain and sustain a competitive position in the desired market and create a long-term strategy and implementations that target growth and optimize profits.

How do we choose investment partners?

Not all companies contacting us, are ready, capable, or eligible to receive our equity investment (or any investment at all), due to financial problems, distress situation, large financial obligations or even operational problems (such as a non-functional sales department).

Therefore, every type of collaboration with MCBA usually starts with a close analysis and an advisory process.

For the cases in which MCBA identifies a distress situation, we are focusing first on the growth potential of the company and in some cases also share the market risk with them. We do it by working together via our consultancy division, in order to first resolve the distress situation and increase the eligibility criteria for investment potential. Through a successful consultancy process and by working “hand in hand” with our clients and partners, we usually bring the desired results and re-create new investment opportunities that optimize the negotiation for all sides.
We support the company throughout this process and also remain at their disposal to promote the investors' discussions and implementation, Whether we are the investors or nor, our goal is to achieve success for all sides involved..

Our consultancy approach:

Following over 20 years of entrepreneurial and advisory activity along with developing a large number of industries, we achieved huge milestones. We believe that those milestones are essential for each and every advisory service to become successful:

  1. Setting the company’s target in advance and the advisory process KPI’s.

  2. Applying a holistic approach tackle several boundaries and bottle-necks to resolve distress situations and create growth.

  3. Operating “hand in hand” with your selected team or directly with the shareholder/founder.

  4. Keeping an efficient approach that can be done in house by your local team, and not applying unnecessary advisory hours for consultancies.

  5. Applying a proactive philosophy, leading the process, and offering immediate solutions. Unlike a “coaching” approach, we believe that a professional business advisor must come with concrete and specific solutions.

  6. Empowering your management team and boosting your company all the way to the desired market position.

Our key line is about moving fast in accordance with the market dynamics.
This is usually possible for companies / startups only when they have an experienced lead consultant and a great team behind them, a team that can support them in critical moments and help them to recover from different blockages – financial, marketing related, managerial and operational


Following 25years of field experience and a large portfolio built from involvement in different domains & industries, we can now offer a selected number of companies the option to grow safely. This is achieved through our professional support that covers all the aspects needed for growth, and by allowing us to guide them through the complicated process of expanding their business into the Romanian market. 

We can partner up with you and we have the power and the know-how to support you  – contact us today to schedule a personal meeting and evaluate together how we can help you to achieve your business success.

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