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Alon Peled

CEO, MCH Executive board director

Over the course of two decades, Alon Peled has been a driving force at Mentor Capital Holdings (MCH), actively shaping the company's strategic expansion. His expertise spans the fields of strategic market entry, investment diversification, and operational optimization. Alon's role has been instrumental in extending MCH's portfolio into diverse sectors and markets, with a specific focus on the CIS region.

His financial structuring acumen effectively maximizes business potential, ensuring sustained growth and ROI. Alon's adeptness at navigating complex bid processes, strategic PPP collaborations, and privatization initiatives within the CIS region underscores his seasoned understanding of intricate dynamics.

Within the MCH board, Alon skillfully handles complex deal structures, deftly addresses financial and legal intricacies, and is renowned for  successfully leading  a large number of tenders and large governmental contracts for our partners throughout his career.

His ability to navigate multifaceted ventures holds significance for financial institutions and officials alike.

Outside of his professional engagements, Alon's commitment extends to philanthropic initiatives, reflecting his dedication beyond business. His impactful role within MCH contributes to the company's trajectory and growth in various sectors.

In today's dynamic business landscape, staying ahead is imperative. Focusing on operational efficiency and understanding that markets are in constant flux are pivotal strategies for sustained success.

I am proud to witness how the group has evolved into new markets, adeptly reacting in real time to numerous changes. As we move forward, we will continue to lead with three fundamental principles: 

Innovation at the Core,  Strategic Agility, and Client-Centric Excellence.

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