(Tech & Finance portfolio)

Mentor Capital Holdings BV operate in a variety of business domains and having a diverse portfolio of investments, assets, and companies.

Our leading chosen companies, presented below, are the one we believe, can form a new perspective in the future of business management, online marketing capabilities and the business arena.

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Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) is a privately held, Business management consultant and investment firm, operating worldwide with a major focus on international investments and business development. 
MCBA is a trusted advisor to many leading business institutions through its exceptional business approach.


When approaching a current business or a future development, we apply a holistic approach and provide an immediate added value based on simple steps that bring targeted results.

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Tech Marketing Solutions BV (TMS) is a digital marketing and online brand management firm.

We operate through advanced Israeli tech - which we developed ourselves, and together with our team, we deliver amazing results that will boost your social media channels.

​Our exclusive marketing services are chosen by multinationals around the world, shaping the brand reputation management and the general public feeling.


Located in Amsterdam with representatives all over Europe, we provide specialized B2B Lead-generation solutions for different industries.

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MCBA EVO is an innovative online social media and brand reputation management firm.
Our strength and philosophy is based on combining infinite creativity with the power of cutting-edge technologies which we developed and continue to develop in-house. 

We offer our clients a complete and synergistic brand management solution through our advanced online technologies, assuring a market leverage, placing them above their competitors in their online presence, creating positive sentiment and professional brand management that drives new and loyal customers to their brand.

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ISOTERIX is a global leading private intelligence and cyber technology firm.
We are operating in the corporate and legal world, providing a broad range of integrated operational intelligence and cyber security services.

The company was established by leading specialists who served in the Israeli intelligence forces, along with top operators from the elite Israeli governmental intelligence units.
Our operations are supported by cutting-edge cyber intelligence technologies and a variety of advanced innovative solutions, integrating proven capabilities from the Israeli military intelligence practice into the business arena.

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Mentor Finance is a private equity investment company and a strategic investor.
We provide companies with capital investment and unique financial instruments to achieve growth and solve situations of distress, focusing on companies throughout all parts of Europe.

We are acting and operating as a strategic investment partner, assuring the needed investment for the company along with optimizing the company structure, in order to maximize the business strategy, operational process, strategic options, profitability and financial durability, essential elements for assuring its growth.