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Our ventures consist of unique ideas and the right people behind them. We Transform imaginary ideas into real-life solutions and always support and invest in a wide variety of domains, combining a large portfolio.

(Partial portfolio)

MCBA EVO is an innovative online social media and brand reputation management firm.
The company’s philosophy is based on combining infinite creativity with the power of cutting-edge technologies which we developed and continue to improve and upgrade in-house. 

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Tech Marketing Solutions BV (TMS) is a digital marketing and online brand management firm.

Operating through advanced Israeli tech, which is developed in-house, and together with our professional team, we deliver amazing results that can boost the social media channels. 

18.png is the first AI & fully automated Dental Group Purchase Organization (GPO) platform with a specially developed pricing algorithm. 
With a Dental community of over 47,000 registered dentists around the globe offers special access to aggregated contracts with price offers you can only dream of...

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An interior design budgeting and planning tool

Planflex offers interior designers and end-users the solution they need when starting and performing an interior design or a renovation project.
The complete cycle software starts with mood boards and the planning stage and include budgeting to the final details of execution. This is a great combination between budgeting and planning.


ISOTERIX is a global leading private intelligence and cyber technology firm.

We are operating in the corporate and legal worlds, providing a broad range of integrated operational intelligence and cyber security services.

Our operations are supported by cutting-edge cyber intelligence technologies and a variety of advanced innovative solutions, integrating proven capabilities from the intelligence practice into the business arena.

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Sport management and monitoring app for diabetic patients

Diabetic patients often lack the motivation and knowledge of how to perform sports activities. Via this unique and friendly tool, we offer them unique sport management and monitoring app which is easy to use and can be monitored by their trainers and doctors( if needed)

3.png is a purchase assistant tool for aestheticians & plastic surgeons that can reduce enormously your purchase and operational costs and increase your profit by 30%-50% each month!

Our community of beauty partners and medical practices of over 97,000 registered members around the globe is enjoying special access to aggregated contracts with price offers one can only dream of...

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A unique currier company with a specialty in both fast-on-spot delivery solutions and a major focus on confidential documents.

The company offers digital security solutions combined with special electronic signatures for various situations. The market focus is the B2B market (company's contract and documentation), banking documents, and legal documents 



Trainers app – a smart tool for sports team complete management (training/schedules/budgeting)
The software is designed to assist both amateur clubs and leagues for working places seeking a tool that can help them manage all aspects related to the leagues and the players.
The software is developed in collaboration with 3 sports clubs.

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An online multilingual interview app designed to support HR managers in managing online interviews around the globe.

The software and App are offering both HR managers and candidates an exciting user experience by performing an online automated and AI-based interview on multi-lingual platforms.   


A Budget management app for social media campaigns
This tool offers a comprehensive and easy to use tool for managing and tracking social media budgets, synced to real-time campaigns.
The tool covers – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and is developed in collaboration with agencies and PPC managers.


Payroll software for SME retailers
Small retailers often cannot afford large payroll solutions, however, they still need to be able to follow-up with their workforce in real-time and also execute their payrolls in-house. Payroll Express offers a plug-in based solution for retailers when managing their payrolls internally.


Smart house app for complete house management
An integration software that brings together several smart house solutions (such as alarms, drying machines, cat feeding station etc') into one management platform.


Copywriting AI tool for the medical industry
An automated copywriting AI-based tool that allows writers in the medical and dental industry to create AI-based texts for websites, social media accounts and blogs. The tool integrates information gathered from specific clinical cases, catalogs and brochures each company can incorporate into the library and offers unique and original content on-demand

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Cyber security – special anti-fraud protection for financial websites.


European fund eligibility tool –
This unique technology can check the eligibility of a company, NGO or project before applying to grants, financial aid, or any public program.
By initiating an eligibility score, it determines the risks and the potential of the finalization and of the receival of the financial aid. The tool is initially applicable for EU funds program in several countries and will include more options in the future.


A Smart irrigation system for large agricultural projects with a unique adjustment technology for weather conditions.

The technology aims to be integrated easily into any implemented irrigation system and includes an automatic watering  system and a controller which adjusts itself  based on local weather conditions.


A Multi-channel community management software (online and offline)
The platform offers community managers the ability to track, recruit, manage and monitor all aspects related to the community management, including members enrolments, promotional effectiveness, communication channels and chat boxes, fundraising and monetization, and many more aspects.

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