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Mentor Capital Holdings (MCH) and its subsidiary company, Mentor Capital & Business Advisory (MCBA) are the main sponsors of BWFR – Business Women Forum Romania.

Besides our direct sponsorship, we provide a special discount of 50% to BWFR members for all the business Advisory services requested for their business development activity.

BWFR is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) made by women, operated by women, and dedicated to women’s enrichment, support and networking in the business arena.

The association is dedicated to supporting women in management positions, company owners, entrepreneurs, and NGO leaders, as well as any ambitious women who wish to increase their business activity, promote themselves, enlarge their network, and progress their know-how by gaining inspiration from other successful businesses and women from all kinds of domains.

Additionally, BWFR strives to support women who are starting a business, during their start-up process, through special seminars, mentoring, and financial consultation. BWFR has created an atmosphere of comfort, open community and a safe zone for the organization’s members to come to ask questions, share their know-how and get advice from other women.

BWFR’s mission statement stands on 3 main values:

  • Enrich know-how for businesswomen with new content, concepts & inspiration sources.

  • Connect businesswomen from all kinds of domains by creating a strong network.

  • Encourage businesswomen to develop their ideas & dreams via other success stories.


The Forum members meet on a weekly basis via several types of activities - Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Personal development clubs, brainstorming groups, and social events.

Business Women Forum Romania is a multinational organization originated and operated by local & foreign businesswomen in Romania. The activities are performed in English and Romanian, targeting to expose participants to all kinds of inspiration, business methodologies and different backgrounds of women from all over the world can offer.

Visit BWFR website –

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